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COVCOMM is making a real game!

After several months of checking out the technical viability of making a game (which is fancy-talk for saying I’m learning C#) I pleased to announce I’m going forward and developing an indie game. The working title is “CastleShaker”. It’s going to be a 21st century take on hide-and-seek. It’s using the Unity engine. It’s design is inspired by the Chase Mii demo for the Nintendo WiiU. It’s being designed for the Mac, but hopefully iOS and Android will follow. I’m aiming for AAA console quality graphics. It will be for all ages.

8 levels:
Sunshine Forest
Twilight Village
Frozen Fortess
White Wharf
November Underground
Faraway Fields
…more TBA

8 characters:
Runaway Princess
The Long Knight
Brah the Barbarian
The Darkest Lord
The Bomber Bride
Sugar Demon
Boom Boom Ninja
The Green Meanie

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This game is a work in progress. Release date: when it’s done.

Android TV spot! Watch it on YouTube!

The Android Army is coming to get you!

Other app makers slap together “app demos”. Covcomm makes commercials.

What is covcomm?

Google “covcomm” or “covcomm android” and you’ll see that we are and app developer with one important edge: we kick ass.

Look for covcomm apps in the android market!

This is our new android call sign, or audio tag line in marketing doublespeak, you’ll be seeing it attached to future covcomm commercials.

…and no it’s not actually playing on tv.

This project took 5 days to make, 5 hours to render and uses over 500,000 polygons. You can’t see them in action because I used a cell shader to stay true to the original google android robot logo.

This video contains 400 moving androids. Ambient occlusion, motion blur, and
a simulated cannon slr camera lens were used to give it that authentic tv commercial look.

Garageband was used for audio. imovie was used to complete the project.

NOTE: the official google android typeface was NOT used.

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You can find Megan Foxy and more covcomm apps in the android market.

Portions of this video are reproduced from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License

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Covcomm needs to get the word out. The more people downloading our apps the better! We now have our own YouTube channel!

You might be asking yourself why we need a youtube channel.

To show you Covcomm’s awesome commercials of course! You’ll notice I used the word “commercial”

Other app makers slap together “app demos”. Covcomm makes commercials.

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Covcomm is a military term meaning 'covert communications' . Our game company's name is a riff on Captive Communications otherwise known as Capcom, one of our favorite game companies. Contact us at