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Queen Of Rage is Here!

Remember the “real game” I promised?

It’s finished, it’s out and it’s called Queen Of Rage!

You can get it here:

Check out these screenshots:

Nemesis The Dragon


The Dark One

COVCOMM is making a real game!

After several months of checking out the technical viability of making a game (which is fancy-talk for saying I’m learning C#) I pleased to announce I’m going forward and developing an indie game. The working title is “CastleShaker”. It’s going to be a 21st century take on hide-and-seek. It’s using the Unity engine. It’s design is inspired by the Chase Mii demo for the Nintendo WiiU. It’s being designed for the Mac, but hopefully iOS and Android will follow. I’m aiming for AAA console quality graphics. It will be for all ages.

8 levels:
Sunshine Forest
Twilight Village
Frozen Fortess
White Wharf
November Underground
Faraway Fields
…more TBA

8 characters:
Runaway Princess
The Long Knight
Brah the Barbarian
The Darkest Lord
The Bomber Bride
Sugar Demon
Boom Boom Ninja
The Green Meanie

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This game is a work in progress. Release date: when it’s done.

StarSlide – available now in the app store!

We’re back in the walled garden!
Covcomm Games presents: Starslide
Starslide is a tough slide puzzle game based on the the most famous pictures of our neighboring galaxies to date, including:
The Crab Nebula
The Horsehead Nebula
The Eagle Nebula
The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (yes it’s a real galaxy)
…and many more!
But this isn’t your average slider puzzle there are many feature that you’ll be hard pressed to find in other sliders including
“original” button: which lets you see what the final finished puzzle will look like
“numbers” button: gives you a hint, if you’re wondering if you’ve got the pieces in the right order.
“shuffle” button: when you want to start over
timer, and move counter!
If you are fascinated by science, or just looking for a beautiful game for for iphone, look no further, this is the app for you.
From Covcomm, who else?


BFBC2: The Grey Box – Available now in the App Store!


What’s in The Grey Box?

It’s a near-perfect unofficial guide to the best military shooter available for any system: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Inside you’ll find maps to the levels in BFBC2 including detailed rundowns of their rush and conquest counterparts!

You’ll get the full weapons list complete with vivid pictures and some cases, a little on the weapons real world history!

BFBC2: The Grey Box has a fully illustrated vehicle list and a multiplayer strategy guide which will get new guys up to speed and give veterans a critical edge.

As you can see the the screenshots below BFBC2: The Grey Box has elegant, easy to navigate menus that will give you the info you need and get you back to the fight — Fast!

Speaking of speed, this app runs native in your iPhone / iPod Touch — No wasted time loading the info from the internet, this guide works online or offline!

BFBC2: The Grey Box, is a premium app, designed with the high end player, (that means You!)  in mind.

Don’t miss the C4 guide in the strategy  section – it will show you how take down enemy MCOM stations in the opening minutes of rush mode, it’s a must read!

This unofficial reference guide also includes the full achievement list and a Tips and Tricks section from the pros.

What’s in The Grey Box? Everything.

Next time you’re out of ammo and pinned down behind enemy lines  don’t call for air support — Get The Grey Box!


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a game and a trademark of Electronic Arts, inc. and is not affiliated with COVCOMM or The Grey Box.

The Grey Box is not authorized or endorsed by DICE or EA. All images and game content are copyright to their respective owner and their use falls under fair use guidelines. The value of this applications lies in the ordering and sorting of information to help you better enjoy your game.

Crisis Hiroko Sato

This app contains several really tough slide puzzles featuring the many beautiful faces of japanese idol Hiroko Sato (佐藤寛子)!


Crisis Leah Dizon

Tap Here to Download from the App Store!

This app contains several really tough slide puzzles featuring the many beautiful faces of Japan idol Leah Dizon

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