Sick and tired of Twilight? Didn’t think so! If you love Twilight or hate it there’s one thing we can all agree on: Twilight fans are the BEST!

June 30 is too far away, but not to worry, Team Covcomm is here to rescue you! With the Twilite Overdose app you will have to power to track the entire Twilight universe! In real time!

This is an app every Twihard should have in their iPhone.

Need a Robert Pattinson fix? Easy! Tap buzz>Robert Pattinson to find out what he’s up to.

Are the 2 Taylors dating again? We’ve got you covered! Tap Buzz> Taylor Lautner

Is that zany Kristen Stewart in some sort of punk rock movie? Did Stephenie Meyer release a new novella? What’s going on with that Twilight graphic novel? All your burning questions will be answered, quickly with Twilite Overdose.

What if you’re simply looking for new Twilight info? Tap Blogs (on the main menu) and you’ll find real time incoming headlines from the top Twilight Blogs pushed right to your iPhone!

But wait, there’s more! Tap videos>reactions and you’ll see videos of Twilight fans just like you reacting to the Eclipse trailer! Or, if you looking for interviews, tap videos>news!

There’s even a real time twitter monitor that tracks Twilight related tweets in real time.

As we get closer to June 30, and the Twilight craziness hits critical mass, the Twilite Overdose app promises hours and hours of fun for all Twilight fans.

(Even after the movie comes out!)

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